Board Statement

Many years ago, I was in need of assistance for a relative that was disabled. He had experienced a stroke and was paralyzed. At the time, neither I nor other family members knew anything about what services were in Delaware to assist persons with disabilities. Navigating the system alone was very difficult; services were available but I did not know how to access them.

While riding through Middletown, I saw The Freedom Center for Independent Living (Freedom Center) and walked in their door. When I left, I knew that things would be better. I became a consumer on behalf of my relative. After some time had passed, I was invited to a meeting of Freedom Center’s Board of Directors and later became a member of the Board.

Freedom Center gave me the opportunity to learn how to advocate for persons with disabilities. I have given testimony to legislators and other policy makers on behalf of Freedom Center’s consumers. It has been, and continues to be, a privilege serving on the Board and working other advocates to make a difference in Delaware.

Raetta McCall, Board Member

Our Board of Directors

Executive Board:


Name: Joe Bravo

Position/Role: Chairperson


 Name: Kathy Fintak

Position/Role: Treasurer


Name: Raetta McCall

Position/Role: Board Member


Name:  Nanci Schenkein

Position/Role:  Board Member  


To Contact the Members of the Board, call 302-376-4399

Or email our Executive Director at


Revised July 14th, 2023

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